Strijp Festival November 19 -27: Edwin van der Heide.

Edwin van der Heide's innovative interactive installations are all over the world, from Tokyo to San Francisco, from Ars Electronica to the National Art Museum of China and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. In addition, Edwin van der Heide is an assistant professor at Leiden University (Media Technology) and Head of the Spatial Interaction Lab at the department of ArtScience at the Conservatory (The Hague). Van der Heide works at the crossroads between art and science, between theoretical research and practical application. This stimulates wonderful works in which Van der Heide is particularly experimenting with sound, space and interaction.

The installation ‘Evolving Spark Network’ has you walk through a room with a grid of electrical sparks. To Van der Heide, these sparks represent beauty, purity and simplicity, as they are the most fundamental building blocks for generating light, and the pulses give off the shortest imaginable sound. Experience the most electronic and sparkly night sky ever!

Credits: Evolving Spark Network is a coproduction between Edwin van der Heide and V2_Lab. Work distributed by V2_Agency