Project Paperclip

Project Paperclip is the first photographic exhibition to use Augmented Reality. The concept belongs to the Portuguese creative Nuno SerrĂ£o, and by including the auditory sensors, it tries to transport visitors to a state that gives them a more profound interpretation of the photographs. The concept of Augmented Reality, utilizes a digital interface to permit the creation of a bridge between our universe and the digital universe, creating a mixed ambience in real time where the differentiation between these two realities is reduced. In this exhibition, this is brought about by using an iPhone, headsets and an application that is available on the Apple app store.

To make full use of this exhibition, visitors who have an iPhone 3 or above need to download Project Paperclip application, at the AppStore. Equipped with headphones (the better the quality, the more immersive the simulation will be), switch on the App and follow instructions to activate the soundscapes. The experience is unique each time; it is activated as the algorithm utilizes real variables for its processing, such as: the time of day, the level of noise that exists in the room, your voice, the movement and localization of the user, amongst many others.