Opening of the AR+RFID Lab at the Royal Academy of Art

Our AR+RFID Lab is officially open. Jurjen Caarls from TU Delft prepared a demonstration of the Augmented Reality headset using 3D models and animations created in the workshop of Wim van Eck and Pawel Pokutycki. Volunteers from the audience could test our headset and experience Augmented Reality by playing a simple game demo with 3D asteroids. Jurjen Caarls (TU Delft) is preparing the demo. Wim van Eck and Jurjen Caarls are measuring the position of optical markers. The presentation attracted some students and teachers of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), AR+RFID Lab partners and contributors. First volunteer trying the AR headset. The rest of the audience could see the Augmented Reality environment on a laptop screen. Wired version of the AR headset...... and a portable one with a laptop in a backpack.

Augmented Reality Workshop

Augmented Reality Workshop was the first initiative of collaboration between the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague and the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). From March till June 2006 students of both institutes were working together on creating experimental, interactive 3D enviroments to be used in Augmented Reality projects in the field of e.g. gaming, interior design and fine arts. Some results of this workshop were presented during the official opening of the AR+RFID Lab - September 8, 2006. 3D modelling and animation workshop at the KABK. Frank's project in development. Augmented Reality demostration at TU Delft. Fiducial (marker) and the Augmented Reality headset. Students listen to the talk of Pieter Jonker. AR experience seen on a laptop screen. Discussion with Pieter Jonker and Jurjen Caarls. Handy laptop. :) Student in Augmented Reality. Soccer robot.