Internet of Things: workshop on RFID and other kind of spimes

At KITCHEN BUDAPEST (Hungary) RFID is part of the ecology of IPV6, barcodes and all kinds of wireless which make up the linking up of people, things and the environment.

If we look at it from our analogue point of view and in our current economic and democratic systems of fear, crisis and control it does not show great promise for more balance, more joy or more happiness. However, if we are able to look beyond ourselves, the real profit may lie in getting to know ourselves and our friends and enemies better and being able to live up fully to our potential if everything becomes a bit more transparent.

Rob van Kranenburg and Pawel Pokutycki, the head chefs of the workshop at KITCHEN BUDAPEST (in collaboration with MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) will cook a delicious radioactive soup tastefully tagged with a flavour of sweet do-it-yourself electronics and spime* spices. Fresh food for thought, unforgettable recipes and the best ingredients served straight on the plates of hungry creatives.