Graduation Project of Susanne Vruwink

Interior architecture student Susanne Vruwink showed a new side of Augmented Reality in her graduate exposition. She built an interactive installation, which has the shape of a closed white room. The public is invited to enter the space one by one. Once you’re in, you are part of a totally different digital world.

As said by the student: Besides my study interior architecture, I’m also interested in new technologies; especially Augmented Reality. I wanted to use the techniques and expertise I gained from doing the Van Gogh project in a different, three-dimensional way. I found the most interesting part the experiment of creating a digital environment and to see how the public reacts to it. This installation is the first manifestation of my fascination for the disappearing borders between the physical and the digital.

More pictures can be seen online at:
Unfortunately you can’t visit the installation at the moment, but if you’re interested and want this installation to be a part of your exhibition, feel free to contact through the website above.