Film The Journey of Holger the Dane

According to the legend, Holger the Dane is sleeping in the casemates below Kronborg Castle and will only wake up if enemies threaten the Danish nation. But what happened to Holger the Dane before he fell asleep? The staging of "The Journey of Holger the Dane" will let visitors get a glimpse of some of the experiences that Holger the Dane is said to have experienced in his fabled life. With projectors and camera tracking the story of Holger the Dane's life is told through 3D animations, illusions, and sound.

To activate the story, the audience need to interact with the installation. As you move closer to the statue, blazing embers projected onto the statue will light up more and more until the story eventually begins. If a visitor uses the flash on a camera during the show, it will cause the installation to react in a surprising manner by manipulating both the visuals and the sound.

The Journey of Holger the Dane was created by CAVI ( ), TEKNE Produktion, and DUL ( ) at Aarhus University, Denmark.

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