Exhibition in ABN AMRO headquarters in Zwolle

Traditional painting workshop, real and virtual paintings, and Caleidoscopia by Lisette Huizenga. Presentation of Kinect and virtual painting by Lisette Huizenga on April 13.

Using the Kinect it is possible for a painting to come even closer to the viewer than a traditional painting created with paint. With the discovery of perspective during the Renaissance period, for the first time the viewer was invited to participate in the painting. In the following centuries experimentation and play with this became more and more sophisticated. Lisette is now one step further, as she will show during the presentation on April 13 in Zwolle. If the Kinect has seen the viewer, it can show this virtual picture from all angles, not only from the side from which the final image is created. Lisette thus shows that you can walk around the painting from a variety of positions and it looks different from every one. The idea of the painting is spatial, but is now also displayed spatially.