Digital LSD

The Wearable is a project which incorporates AR to let users experience psychosis. Labyrinth Psychotica's project The Wearable is an interactive augmented reality cinema walk that functions as a "do-it-yourself-psychosis-kit." It incorporates a form of serious gaming which aims to give users an understanding of what it is like to experience psychosis. Another aspect of the project focuses on the discourse regarding psychosis simulation projects in a scientific context.

Labyrinth Psychotica has been made possible with the support of Fonds Psychische Gezondheid in a consortium with Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust. The film was shot during the 10th (F)ACT Congress at Oosterpoort in Groningen on September 20, 2012. The Wearable has been created by Jennifer Kanary Nikolova in the context of an artistic research PhD conducted at Plymouth University, Planetary Collegium, M-Node, NABA.

For more information about the project please visit the website.