Demo at BacinolEXPO in Delft 

On Friday June 29 the AR+RFID Lab gave a demonstration of Augmented Reality at the exhibition 'Virtueel Realisme' organized by BacinolEXPO in Delft, an association in the field of art, design and architecture.

The presentation of our Lab was an opportunity for the visitors of the exhibition to see and experience the differences between Virtual and Augmented Reality in practice. Building of Bacinol. Posters announcing the exhibition. Optical markers, data-glove and RFID-tagged objects ready for the demo. Yolande Kolstee explaining how things work. The audience. Wim van Eck helping to install the headset. At this moment the head-mounted display, the camera and inertia tracker are roughly assembled using an adhesive tape, however we were also proud to present... ... the prototype of the new headset designed by Niels Mulder, student of the Post Graduate Course Industrial Design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. The AR+RFID Lab plans to embedd its technology to that design in the near future.