Call for projects Modeling and Design Workshop

Strate College invites projects to the call connected with the Cumulus Conference Crossing Talents! Transversality in Design in May 2011.

This virtual workshop will be carried out via video-conferencing, e-mail, and through other community-based communication means. Selected propositions will then be given form at Strate College, in the framework of the "Digital Modelling and Sculpture" curriculum by way of 3D Digital Modelling as well as in the form of traditional modelling (mock-ups). A constant and frequent dialogue will be established early on, and throughout the model-making process, between designers and modellers so that the final rendering reflects the desired form and volume. The works will then be exhibited during the Crossing Talents: Transversality in Design Conference that will take place at Strate Coll├Ęge, France in May 19-21.