Augmented Reality Theater (AR+RFID) @ unDEAF, satellite event of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2007, Rotterdam 

Augmented Reality Theater is an interactive installation with virtual 3D animated puppets in AR, data-gloves and physical objects tagged with RFID.

For the first time both technologies – Augmented Reality and Radio Frequency Identification – have been combined in an entertaining, interactive show pushing traditional puppet theater to the 21st century. Using a data-glove, the user is able to control the position and facial expression of the puppet in Augmented Reality. Besides that various physical objects tagged with RFID are used to trigger changes in the puppet's behaviour and looks. Check the report from unDEAF for more info, videos and pictures! The shark, one of our 3D puppets, is cooking in Augmented Reality. With the data-glove the user can control the position and facial expression of the puppet. Various objects tagged with RFID trigger changes in the behaviour and look of the puppet. The integration of AR and RFID was made possible due to the great expertise and programming skills of Jurjen Caarls. Pawel doing the show. Other works presented at unDEAF... like Led Throwies by Graffiti Research Lab... ... or Blender by Andrea Reyes and Marcus Graf. Concerts and performances. Wim van Eck gave a lecture on Animal Controlled Computer Games. Then Rui Guerra took us on a tour of software culture. On April 15, unDEAF became DEAF at V2_Studio. unDEAF Ex_posed. Artists presenting their interactive installations. AR Lab preparing for the presentation. Doing the puppet theater. A younger visitor in Augmented Reality. Introduction by Stephen Kovats from V2_ to the talk on the unmoderated, uncurated, self-organized unfestival unDEAF.