The AR+RFID Lab at the Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam) invited the AR+RFID Lab to present during one of their Friday Night events. On Friday nights the Van Gogh Museum is open until 22.00 and there’s always something special going on. For this project a team of students (Marieke Bijster, Joris van Dam, Martin Hoorweg, Hannah Mjolses, Matthijs Munnik, Alrik Stelling, Susanne Vruwink and Arjen Zuidgeest) joined the Lab, under supervision of Wim van Eck. The current exhibition, ‘Paul Gauguin - The breakthrough into modernity’, will be the inspiration for our project. Updates on the project will follow soon! Date: 28th of May, from 18:30 till 22:00

This was also our first experiment with the bedroom (dutch: de slaapkamer).