8 Ways the Iphone brings us to different worlds with AR

The App Store is littered with augmented reality apps, and it’s with good reason. The idea of projecting a virtual world into our everyday lives feels magical to almost anyone. Couple this with the ease of Apple’s app store and it’s no wonder this generation of apps has been selling like hotcakes. But the innovations of augmented reality are just beginning. Someday, it could become a seamless experience, where you’ll look out into the world and intuitively filter through a mass of information to join the virtual world with your own interactive reality. Alas, for now we are limited to devices like the iPhone, which has been the platform for many interesting experiments in AR. Some are novel. Some are kind of silly. But some are amazing, and offer up a glimpse at the future of gaming and entertainment. Here’s a look inside the world of augmented reality available on the iPhone.