Interaction Models in Interactive Art

Hanna Schraffenberger’s PhD research ‘Interaction Models in Interactive Art’ aims at the formulation of interaction models describing interactivity in interactive art.
The central research question is:

How can we understand interaction in interactive art and describe it in a structural way? 

Audience interacting with the interactive artwork ‘Spatial Sounds’ by Edwin van der Heide and Marnix de Nijs.

The research project is intended to create a better understanding of interaction in interactive art as well as to support the creation of future artworks. The research includes a strong collaboration with the AR Lab.

Technologies such as mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) allow the creation of fascinating new types of user interfaces and thereby enable new directions in art. The AR Lab aims at developing novel forms of interaction in the arts by exploring the possibilities of using AR technology. This research builds upon the interdependency of art and technology and address the question how AR technology can be used as a creative medium. We will point out new possibilities for interaction in the arts due to AR technology and expound what imagination, creativity and an artistic approach can add to the broader and general applications of AR. In the course of the collaboration, we will focus on interactivity as a defining characteristic of AR as well as interactive art and reflect on interaction techniques used in both fields.

A strong emphasis will lay on non non-visual AR systems as those offer multifarious possibilities to the interactive arts but heretofore still lack explicit exploration in emerging field of AR. The collaboration will be conducive to our interaction research as well as developments in AR. By describing newly developed forms of interaction, we can apply our theoretical models and thereby learn about both, the interactions as well as the applicability of our models. Knowledge gained in the course of the collaborative research will contribute to an educational book about interaction, perception and visualization in augmented reality art.

Interaction Models in Interactive Art