Do you want to participate or do you need advice or help?

The AR Lab welcomes students, artists, researchers, museums, festivals, and anyone else who needs help or advice for their augmented reality or innovative visualisation projects, especially if this is an art project or a project in the cultural domain, contact us via

External partners:

External partners, like students from other institutes, (small) companies, museums, festival owners are always welcome in our Lab. Here Yolande Kolstee and Wim van Eck will review and discuss the plans ahead. We will try to find solutions for (AR) projects and if possible (due to time restrains) contribute.

Students of KABK / Royal Academy of Art:

Students can join the AR Lab, contact us via email or drop by at the Lab, room BB.103.

There are various ways of contributing to our work 2012-2013:

  • Join one the coming Pop-Up Galleries, organized by Dirk Vis via the Lectoraat IVT
  • Contribute to the website by delivering / uploading relevant new information on innovative visualisation techniques
  • Contributing to the concept of a project
  • Making 3D models for projects (e.g. for museums)
  • Contributing to the storytelling part of 3D work
  • Writing a paper or graduation thesis
  • Doing market research in the cultural field by visiting museums or cultural projects
  • Join AR-Troops

Student AR projects for 2011-2012:

  • InterArtLab’s Food Night- September 2011
  • Mesdag Museum September 2011
  • Night of the Nerds - October 2011
  • InterArtLab’s Food Night - December2011
  • Van Gogh: Canvases Re-used (until June 2012)
  • Wagner's opera: The Valkyrie - December 2011
  • Open Day - 28 January 2012
  • Airborne Museum - May 2012
  • Bizet's opera: Carmen - November 2012

Student AR projects in 2010-2011:

  • Headset (AR Glasses) design
  • Mobile AR Game for the KABK's Open Day 2011 (‘Follow me dogs’)
  • KLM mobile AR game
  • AR-Letters Graphic Design
  • AR-Book Graphic Design
  • Van Gogh: Re-use of canvases (untill June 2012)
Participation, advice and help