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Pieter Jonker
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) / Bio-Robotics Lab of 
Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3ME) 

Pieter Jonker is Professor at  Delft University of Technology, Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3ME). His main interests and fields of research are: real-time embedded image processing, parallel image processing architectures, robot vision, robot learning and augmented reality.

Pieter Jonker was also part time Professor Embedded Vision of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Dynamics and Control Theory Group. His main interests and fields of research are: vision based motion control and robot soccer.

He focusses on the interplay between machine vision and control technology.


Jouke Verlinden
Delft University of Technology -  Industrial Design Engineering

Jouke Verlinden (1969) received his MSc in computer science (1993), and has a background in interactive computer graphics and virtual reality. He worked in industry as interaction designer and project manager for 7 years before returning to academia. Since 2000 he is assistant professor at the section of computer aided design engineering at TU Delft. He is currently working on the project entitled “Augmented Prototyping as a design means for industrial design engineering”, which encompasses both empirical research as well as system development. This project is supported by STW. The ambition is to develop new, accessible design media for industrial designers that respect current practice.


Robert Prevel

Robert Prevel received his B.Sc. degree in Computing and Information Systems in 2006 and an M.Sc. degree in Computing and Software Technology the following year in Swansea. In 2008 he began work for a medium sized software company, specialising in voice productivity software, in London. Robert returned to academia in 2010 and achieved a second masters in Computing specialising in Artificial Intelligence at Imperial College London. Since 2011 he has been working on a Ph.D focusing on localisation and mapping in augmented reality applications at the Delft Biorobotics Lab, Delft University of Technology under the supervision of P.P.Jonker.


Dr. rer. nat. Stephan G. Lukosch
Associate Professor
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management
Systems Engineering Section  

Stephan Lukosch is associate professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management ( of the Delft University of Technology ( His current research focuses on collaborative design and engineering in traditional as well as emerging interaction spaces. In this research, he combines recent results from intelligent and context-adaptive collaboration support, collaborative storytelling for knowledge elicitation and decision-making, and design patterns for computer-mediated interaction. In this context, he has managed the TU Delft contribution to the CSI The Hague project (, which focused on enabling collaboration in augmented reality in order to bring expertise to a crime scene when it is needed.

Delft, University of Technology