AR-VIP: Augmented Reality-Visualisation, Interaction and Perception

In the four-year period stretching from 2010-2014, the AR Lab, in cooperation with the consortium of the RAAK-Pro project, will conduct research into the following:

  • The research on influence on and meaning of new visualisation techniques for higher art education will be conducted by Yolande Kolstee within her Research Domain (Lectoraat) Innovative Visualisation Techniques IVT. She has a circle of experts or ‘critical friends’ to support her.
  • The scientific research on Visualisation, Image Processing and Tracking takes place at the Bio-Robotics Lab of Delft University of Technology. PhD student Oytun Akman and researcher / PhD student Ronald Poelman are working on this. Professor Dr. Pieter Jonker is their promotor and chairs this research. This research is intertwined with the 'CSI The Hague' programme by Ronald Poelman. One of the expected results is the correct posing of virtual content in space using a headset or AR glasses. Academy students developed headsets in the course Cool Design of the post-graduate course Industrial Design from September 2010 until February 2011.
  • The scientific research on perception will be the main focus of Media Technology from Leiden University. Hanna Schraffenberger will conduct her PhD research in this field, with a focus on interaction in non-visual augmented reality. Her advisor is Edwin van der Heide and her promotor is professor Dr. Bas Haring from Leiden University.

Dissemination of research results and good practice will take place via:

  • Implementation in the professional field The Royal Academy of Art, Fabrique and TU-Delft will work on this.
  • Implementation in (professional) Education will be done by Yolande Kolstee and Jouke Verlinden (TU-Delft Industrial Design Engineering).
  • At the AR Lab in The Hague we will focus on experimental and exploratory research and contribute to a wider use and understanding of novel visualisation techniques. We will combine this work with Yolande Kolstee’s Research Project into Innovative Visualisation Techniques. Students (especially Academy students) involved with AR or related projects can get support from the AR Lab.